Some links:
Why the I-pad is bad futurism
Today we sang our hymns of faith,/cocooned for a while/in a warm blanket/of yesterdays tales…”
The top 10 faults in human thought (h/t Ian)
Why men don’t like church (cont)
A new tool for solar flare prediction
Call this a recession? (When I were a lad….)
An open-source hydrogen car
The war against suburbia
The old hag

3 thoughts on “TBTM20100129

  1. Why men don’t like church? Beer for the men and religion for the women, as the old saying goes.

  2. The ‘why men don’t like church’ thing is fascinating. I guess this explains why one historic church ended up with a perfectly pure Queen of Heaven to love instead.

    I do sometimes wonder if Jesus had male disciples purely because it was the men of the world who had lost the plot and needed taming and retraining! 🙂

  3. On the cognitive faults thing, I am currently reading ‘Nudge’ by Thaler and Sunstein, which looks at these things well in the context of what it calls libertarian paternalism.
    Think you would find it interesting, Sam…

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