Ghost (Robert Harris)

Got this to read because I saw the trailer for the movie, and thought it looked intriguing. Fascinating plot – and consideration of what ghost-writing involves – and a satisfying ending, albeit a little predictable. At some stage I’ll have to do a rant on attitudes to the Iraq war, but not today.

3 thoughts on “Ghost (Robert Harris)

  1. Read this last year and thought it was one of his weakest. Bit too much like a film script, the characterisation is poor and the plot and twist predictable. He also gets the international law stuff wrong and his personal dislike for the Blairs gets in the way. I’m reading Lustrum at the moment, his sequel to Imperium on the life of Cicero; both excellent.

  2. Thanks Philip – I don’t think I’ve read anything else by him, and actually, the dislike of the Blairs was part of what made it most fascinating for me (I wonder whether a particular part of the plot represented some wish fulfilment for him!?) Anything similar you’d recommend?

  3. Imperium and Lustrum (part of the Cicero trilogy) are excellent as is Pompeii. I’d also recommend Enigma (much better than the film), Fatherland and Archangel are good which is why I felt The Ghost was a real dip in form.

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