Heavy Rain (PS3)

Now this was a step in the right direction for me – although a sluggish and annoying beginning (annoying because I didn’t find the control system intuitive, and it caused problems later on) – the basic conceit for this ‘game’ is fascinating, and I felt it worked well. Essentially, you play different characters in what is essentially a ‘track down a serial killer’ movie – and it works. I’ve only played it through fully once – and to be honest I’ll probably not bother playing through alternative timelines, I’ll just look them up on the web – but as a taster of the way the technology is moving, this was absorbing, characterful and exciting. Recommended for the more cerebral game player.
(For more info on what the game is about, go here.)

One thought on “Heavy Rain (PS3)

  1. I quite enjoyed playing Fahrenheit on the PC (Heavy Rain is its spiritual sequal).

    Dragon Age: Origins is worth a look too.

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