Was too busy to post this on Sunday before heading off to Yorkshire for the New Wine conference. There’ll be a long post on that before too long, once I’ve had a chance to properly reflect on it. Some things I strongly agreed with, some things I strongly disagreed with – especially the “worship” – but more anon. It is good to be home.

So that’s where they stand

“I’ve been a strong supporter of ethanol,” Obama said.

“Those ethanol subsidies should be phased out, and everybody here on this stage, if it wasn’t for the fact that Iowa is the first caucus state, would share my view that we don’t need ethanol subsidies. It doesn’t help anybody,” McCain said.

Just for interest: a position where the traditionally conservative position (no government intervention) is also the most explicitly pro-social justice position, which is traditionally seen as left wing…

Just one of the reasons why I am a conservative.

God part 2

Wittgenstein once wrote (this might be inaccurate because I can’t be bothered to look it up) “It has been impossible for me to write one word in my book about all that music has meant to me in my life. How then can I hope to be understood?”

Which says all that needs to be said.

However. I’ve discovered Alice Martineau, Mike Scott, and Oysterband, and a few others thanks to Peter B.

Life sounds better to music.

And red wine makes me maudlin :o)

Where are our dear fathers?
Where are our dear fathers?
They have gone to heaven shouting.
They have gone to heaven shouting.

(Photos taken on holiday in Wales.)