Defending the BBC

Bishop Nick saying good and interesting things here. From a conservative point of view, what most strikes me is the confusion inherent in (what seems to be) the Tory perspective of seeking to get rid of the BBC in favour of “market forces”. This is idolatry of the first order, and actually a very good example of what conservatism is against – the destruction of an organic, entrenched, idiosyncratic, local and national institution in favour of some half-baked intellectual scheme and theory. I think there are problems with the BBC – not least bubble thinking – but it needs to be defended from the depradations of the Jacobins.

Ah – forgot that I’ve written on this before (at more length).

PS I was looking for a .gif of ‘I love BBC’ to stick on my sidebar, but can’t find one. Any hints?


OK – I’m back, and I’m happy :o)
Here’s some things that I’ve enjoyed reading whilst on holiday:
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Why Green Wizards will get us nowhere (or: Transition vs JMG – a good example of where there is more in common than there is separating)

That’ll do for now.

Quote of the day

I’ve long agreed with William Gibson that, in a technologically-driven culture like ours, “the future is already here – it is just unevenly distributed.” In other words, if you want to know what society will be like in ten years time, look at what the technological people are doing now. (Handily, that’ll also tell you what the church will be like in fifty years time.)

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Good but not great – though the character is quite interesting, and could go somewhere in a sequel. ‘Jason Bourne as a girl’? Pretty much. 3.5/5