Life will be phat

Psalm 23 as adapted by Ryan Kearse
The Lord is all that, I need for nothing.
He allows me to chill.
He keeps me from being heated
and allows me to breathe easy.
He guides my life so that
I can represent and give
shouts out in his Name.
And even though I walk through
the Hood of death,
I don’t back down
for you have my back.
The fact that you have me covered
allows me to chill.
He provides me with back-up
in front of my player-haters
and I know that I am a baller
and life will be phat.
I fall back in the Lord’s crib
for the rest of my life.

Found this from following links at santa ignora.

Spider Jerusalem

If you go here you’ll be able to read an issue of Transmetropolitan, the journal of the future-journalist Spider Jerusalem, created by Warren Ellis. BE WARNED – MATURE CONTENT!!!

But it is mature content with a social conscience, and an important point. That’s why Mr Jerusalem is my hero.

“Because you wouldn’t have it any other way”


Finished the series yesterday. Enjoyed it greatly, although the formula is wearing a little thin – too many implausibilities, even allowing for suspension of disbelief, eg Almeida functioning anywhere near full effectiveness after being shot and undergoing throat surgery…

Lots of things remain in my mind from it. It seemed to be struggling too hard not to have a happy ending – hence the many sadnesses and sacrifices (Almeida must be pardoned!) – but most of all I am left reflecting on the portrait of ‘hardness’. I say that rather than ‘masculinity’ because I’m not sure that what is being portrayed is male – but there seems to be a celebration of ruthlessness, undercut rather expertly by the negative consequences (this time) of such ruthlessness – in every case, I think.

Well worth watching – should you find yourself ill for a weekend with nothing else that you can cope with 😉