End of a long day

Today I:
was woken at 5:30am by my 1 year old son coming to his mother for a feed;
spent over an hour trying to work out how to use this blog, adding links to some of my favourite websites, and getting the Mersea website going;
had breakfast and a shower;
said Morning Prayer;
spent an hour in spiritual conversation with a parishioner;
spent about half an hour looking at e-mail and the readings for tomorrow’s sermon;
did a baptism visit;
did another visit;
had lunch (late!);
played Spider Solitaire for about 15 minutes whilst listening to a Dido song that I’m really enjoying at the moment (take my hand);
did a bit more work on the sermon and on the blog;
did a funeral visit at home;
said Evening Prayer;
spent an hour in spiritual conversation with a parishioner;
had supper with the family;
had a meeting with wardens to discuss the rota for services for the next six months;
opened a bottle of beer;
returned to the blog and decided a yahoo group was the way to go, so set that up;
wrote this post at about 21:48 UK time;
thought about going to bed;
finished the beer.
I’m tired, but very happy. I love my work; it’s the best job in the world.

Working out how to use this thing….

Definitely a case of learning as we go. I think I may have to set up members of the congregation (that want one) a ‘team membership’ which will allow initiating a new post. Posting comments should now be straightforward, but starting the new post seems more complicated. Anyone who is able to provide more info please get in touch!

Right. Set up a yahoo list instead: merseacofe@yahoogroups.com
Head to yahoo if you want to pursue the Learning Church agenda.
I’ll put the blog to more personal use.