Greenbelt 2007

I’m going to Greenbelt this year – for the first time, as I’m a complete ‘festival virgin’ – anyone else who reads this blog going? I know Dave Walker will be in attendance, and I have a firm intention to buy him a pint as inadequate recompense for all the pleasure he provides on a regular basis (I’m sure I won’t be the only one), but is anyone else going? I’d love to meet up if you are…

(Picture is of Heybridge Basin; what is now a teashop was once upon a time a chandlers where a certain Rev Sam lived until he was about 4)

The Road to Growth (Bob Jackson)

Very good companion to, and update of, his previous ‘Hope for the Church’. This one is much more about the wider church, and what, eg, dioceses can do to support church growth, rather than what individual churches can do. Excellent, and encouraging, and affirming. If you meet George Herbert on the road, kill him.